A Simple Trick for Saving Cost in Supply Chain Operations

Moving on from standard ways of saving time and costs in supply chain operations like collaborating with domestic vendors, making better use of space, increasing order frequency, consolidating suppliers, and finding different modes for efficient communication, Supplymint uses a unique feature that has the ability to drastically cut down the time-taken and the cost consumed for each order to process through its supply chain journey. Want to know how?
trick for saving time in supply chain operations

It’s through our feature to create set orders. This simple trick saves a significant amount of time in any enterprise’ product supply chain journey. Now, you must be wondering how and what exactly is a set order? Well, when we say ‘order in sets’ what we mean is to order packets of products that contain key attributes of the same product like colors and sizes. Each set consists of a defined number of pieces and is thus ordered directly in set quantities.

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Having created set orders through Supplymint’s hassle-free procurement module, here’s how enterprises can see distinguishable changes in their supply chain operations:

– Saving 75% of your time in tracking purchase orders
– Saving a minimum of 1/10th of your cost consumed in scanning barcodes
– Cutting out 97% possibilities of human errors

Let’s find out how. In traditional methods, all items delivered by manufacturers or vendors to you first go through a counting process where each product is counted manually to assure the right number of products are delivered to you. The same procedure is then also repeated by your organization for assurance. So, it goes without saying that this process is directly proportional to the size of the order and is highly labour intensive.

But, that’s not the case with Supplymint users. That’s because when orders are packed in sets, the counting time for enterprises reduces automatically. Same is also the case with scanning barcodes of products. Too much time and resources are wasted in scanning each and every item for gate entry or GRC and the worst part is that companies can’t even operate without going through this process. But the good news is that you can limit the costs and manpower with the use of Supplymint. Let us help you understand better with an example.

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Let’s suppose that you are a retailer who has received an order of 1 lakh pieces from one of their vendors. How will you ensure that the right number of products are delivered to you? Traditionally, you might think of hiring a team that can count the number of items delivered to you. But to practically go ahead with this idea, you’ll realize that this process will only complete when your team counts exactly 1 lakh items. This could take you anywhere from 7 to 8 days. And you can’t overlook the possibility of human errors that can make this task all the more difficult!

That said, when you start considering ways to send these received goods from your warehouse to your stores, you start to segregate the items in assortments of sizes, colors, and other attributes, which further requires you to hire another team that can take care of this process!

Easy Processing of Supply Chain Operations with Supplymint
To cut down these chains of overloading work from your supply chain, Supplymint uses set order creations. Take the same example, you’ve received an order for 1 lakh pieces but only this time they are delivered to you in sets of 10 pieces each! This way, your enterprise only has to count ten thousand sets, which is a straight 1/10th of what you were doing before! This means that a process that could take you upto 4 to 6 days, now only takes upto 3 to 4 days, saving you 50% of your time that goes into counting your receivables.
Now, these counted items are straight away delivered to stores instead of going through the segregation process, which means you further cut down 100% of your time which was otherwise consumed in manual segregation! All of this with the assurity of having all the items counted without any possibility of errors! Not to forget, the cost of scanning each item is just as equally reduced as the time! That’s what Supplymint gives its users.

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Supplymint Benefits All
While it becomes more convenient for retailers to confirm gate entry and allocate inventory, manufacturers or vendors can also avail the same benefits of reduced manpower, costs, and time with Supplymint’s set orders. They can cut down the time consumed in their counting processes by creating orders in sets exactly how retailers benefit from this simple trick. In fact, for manufacturers/vendors it even gets better as they require less packing material.

With such a quick hands-on solution that gives an enterprise efficient processing, reduced manpower, increased savings, and an instant ROS boost with a quicker factory-to-consumer product journey, any key member of the supply value chain can prosper.

Save Your Time With Supplymint
With just a flip of a switch, Supplymint gives its users the power to save millions of minutes from their supply chain processing journey. Isn’t that what an enterprise wants? To simply create orders, ensure timely deliveries and optimize inventory!

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