Challenges of cloud computing in 2022

Cloud computing has become very popular these days; every business is using it and appreciating it.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is delivery of different services through the internet. Any businesses store their crucial data on premise’s local storage or hard drives but after some time it becomes impossible to store all the data in one place. But cloud based storage makes it easy to store this information in a remote database. This is called cloud computing. The only thing that is required to access this data is a device with internet connection.
Now, it is clear that using the cloud is a trend that will only grow in 2022 but there is no system in the world without any challenges.

Challenges of cloud computing in 2022:

1. Security issues

Security of data is a big challenge which many companies face while using cloud computing. Most of the time the security depends on the cloud service provider because they use a single server for many of their customers. Even if the cloud service provider assures data integrity, it becomes a business’s responsibility to use measures to protect their data via various policies and authorization. Security issues mostly include data stolen, data leakage, data breaches and many others. Even if one company’s data gets stolen or accidentally leaked then it loses its customer base’s trust of their services.

2. Performance challenges

People are very impatient these days so many businesses choose cloud based computing for faster performance. This becomes one of the main challenges by the company because if the performance of cloud is not satisfactory then the consumers can switch to other service providers. Even little delay in loading a web page or an application can decrease usage of their services. The delay can be because service providers inefficiently split incoming traffic. Challenges are also created when there is a case of fault tolerance, which means the activities continue as needed even when one or more components fail.

3.Network dependency

Cloud computing is solely dependent on high speed networks because it includes huge amounts of data being transferred to and from the servers. In case of limited bandwidth exchanging data over the network can be difficult. Even if the companies cut their cost for hardware they have to spend extra on high speed networks because slow speed networks can lead to business losses. It becomes a huge challenge for a small company that has to maintain network bandwidth which is expensive.

4.Lack of knowledge

Cloud computing needs a higher amount of research and due to its complexity it becomes a tedious task. This requires immense knowledge and expertise. There are many professionals in the field that can perform this job but these jobs are usually high paying. This increases the cost of small companies even more.

5.Lack of flexibility

When a company uses cloud services from a specific provider for a long time and wants to switch to another cloud based service provider, mostly it becomes a very difficult procedure and requires reengineering. There is a lack of flexibility from switching from one cloud to another.


Optimizing cloud computing expenses

Cloud computing expenses can be high but the company can optimize them by seeking assistance from many technological solutions for cloud cost management. This can also include a cloud computing partner who has high knowledge and experience at cloud solution management. A company can also create a centralized cloud team to maintain its budget. The company can also invest in cloud training for its existing employees in order to reduce the expenses of hiring professionals for this job. Companies can also motivate their employees by showing benefits of cloud computing in order to avoid any complications from manpower.

Performance testing

As we already know, people are very impatient and switch to cloud because of performance. Sometimes even cloud applications do not perform well so it is advised to a company to perform pre migration testing that focuses on performance of the application.

Choosing cloud computing wisely

A company does not have to switch from one cloud provider to another again and again if it chooses its cloud provider based on complete research and cost estimation for their company. It can redesign processes to involve their shareholders.

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