Is it Possible to Develop a Green Hydrogen Supply Chain?

On 15th September 2021, Japanese hydrogen supplier Iwatani Corp along with 5 others said that they would study the feasibility of building a green liquefied hydrogen supply chain between Japan and Australia.
hydrogen green supply chain

This green hydrogen supply chain is heard to have the ability to produce 100 tonnes a day by around 2026. Talking about green hydrogen, it’s a zero-carbon fuel made by using renewable power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen and is seen as a way to decarbonise emissions-intensive long-haul transport and heavy industry.

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Eneos Holdings from Japan and Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) from Australia will collectively be examining the potential for stable supply of affordable hydrogen produced from renewable energy in Western Australia where vast areas of land is currently available to build large-scale solar and wind power farms.

According to the statement by the Japanese firm, as FFI will focus on renewable energy supply and water electrolysis cells for hydrogen production, Eneos will be responsible for the production of methylcyclohexane (MCH) which is a form of hydrogen storage & transport, and maritime transport of MCH from Australia to Japan.

There’s no doubt that green hydrogen is a viable solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning away from fossil fuels for “hard-to-abate” sectors but the supply chain for hydrogen is not fully developed yet. There could also be several barriers, such as the high cost of green hydrogen compared to non-renewable alternatives and the lack of dedicated infrastructure, which are all still impeding hygrogen’s full contribution to the energy transition. But, it’s always good to experiment as long as we find a greener solution.

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