What is Digital Integration and Why is it Important?

Basically, digital integration is when all of your technology, whether it’s hardware, software, or your cell phone, works for you seamlessly, without you having to spend time in making your devices work for you.
digital integration

Over the years, we’ve witnessed that with the vast and extremely rapid increase in technology, there has been little to no co-ordination and recognition of the need for compatibility between IoT devices. And while some technologies are working towards building digital integration, there are still a few standards that allow seamless transfer of data.

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To help you understand better, let’s give you a common example of the fact that when people want to share contact lists from one IoT device like laptop, desktop, or phone to another IoT device, there’s a very little amount of co-ordination between the devices. That’s where a software or platform like Microsoft Outlook can help you in synchronizing data between IoT devices. This is an old example but clarifies our point that you wouldn’t need to call or email the office to get information to operate with such functions and that’s what we call ‘Digital Integration’.

What is a Digital Integration Hub?
Technically, a digital integration hub (DIH) is an application architecture that seperates digital applications from the systems of record, and aggregates operational data into a low-latency data fabric.

It supports modern initiatives by offloading from legacy architecture and providing a seperate API layer that effectively supports modern online applications. In fact, it can also power cloud migration and support hybrid deployments, which is highly relevant when organizations want to continue to leverage their on-premise operational systems and when sensitive data cannot be moved to the public cloud. It additionally enables data integration and analytics to help in the quick and efficient management of big data, allowing for real-time operational reporting on fresh data.

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