How Deutsche Bank is planning to grow through cloud

Deutsche Bank has been using cloud since a long time and this journey was accelerated when Google and Deutsche Bank signed a partnership in 2020.

Now their aim is to move a sustainable amount of their infrastructure to cloud but still keeping few things on premises or private cloud because of local regulatory, performance and privacy reasons.
The company has adapted “multi vendor cloud strategy” to move its workload. These providers will be used for different purposes or needs, of course.

The Head of India Technology Center, CIO for RFT Global Data Ingestion, Deutsche Bank, Suchishree Chatterjee said that they will use cloud native services with Google where they will be hosting and developing applications. At the same time, they will use off the shelf services, like workday and Salesforce. Their end user products will remain on Microsoft Azure.

With this multi vendor cloud strategy, the company will be able to respond more accurately and flexibility to most pressing trends, challenges and client needs. The company will also be able to develop applications faster and use advanced artificial intelligence and data analytics tools.

They believe that building their application on cloud will increase their technology transformation, business opportunities and drive innovation. This partnership will give them access to always updated and fully managed infrastructure. This will increase platform stability and they would be able to engineer cloud resilience in their apps. This will also lead their developers to be more productive because now they don’t have to manage infrastructure anymore.

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