Achieving transparency in order tracking and reporting

Many vendors think that their job is done once they have shipped all the purchase orders from their warehouse. Well, this is not the case, their job is not done until purchase order reaches a retailer’s warehouse.

Tracking shipment is not as easy as it sounds because retailers have to constantly chase vendors to get the status of the shipment until it reaches the warehouse.

Getting information about the packages is essential part of shipment to achieve transparency and without any system, it gets very difficult for a retailer to get this information.

To keep track of multiple vendors for various shipments manually can be a tedious task. It can lead to errors and miscommunication between both entities regarding prices, quality and number of items to be delivered at one time.

Many businesses have faced huge losses because of this miscommunication. A vendor even loses his reputation in the market if he is not able to deliver goods on time.

Through supplymint a vendor can easily view purchase orders and divide it into different ASN and send them for approval. The ASN can be approved once the inspection of samples is done to ensure the quality is exactly as expected.

After a series of hassle-free approvals, the purchase invoice can be raised, and in case of any discrepancies, it can be adjusted automatically.
Logistic request is then raised by a vendor that includes all the details of the mode of transportation and carrier information so a retailer is always aware of his order’s location.

Once goods are reached at the warehouse, the retailer will be getting a notification to physically confirm it and tally it with the invoice present to successfully mark the gate entry.

All these features are on cloud and always accessible to all team members for smooth working. There is also a seamless integration with the logistics partners so a retailer can easily track the whole lifecycle of purchase order delivery starting from raising a logistics request to receiving physical delivery of goods in the warehouse.

They also get various reminders on their shipments and payments so the retailer is always up to date on his packages.

It gives more free time to various departments of a business to focus on other business activities and not be overwhelmed by excess data.

How Style Bazaar’s supply chain practices were transformed with Supplymint

Style Bazaar used to manually track and manage all their orders from its diverse list of vendors over excel until 2020. Not only this, but they also faced challenges such as time constraints, human errors, inefficient PO tracking, lack of approvals, structure, and communication, lengthy report generating processes, and poor alliance with multiple vendors among the many issues. But, this changed with the company’s decision to replace its slow-paced order management and vendor collaboration processes with an automated solution.

Purchase order tracking of supplymint automated their process and provided them with a structure that made their operation stronger. With this system they had access to all the necessary information regarding its order on every step of the order management process. This was convenient as compared to relying on manual data finding capabilities because this way, the extra steps of searching details was eliminated and made the process became transparent.
Vendor collaboration was not a task for style bazaar but they had to be in alliance with them. There were times when the style bazaar ordered products from its vendor and the vendor delivered less than expected. This became risky for style bazaar, but with the purchase order tracking this problem was resolved. Vendors were strictly instructed to deliver their orders with the required order quantities, in failure of which, our automated system didn’t allow vendors to present their ASN requests, let aside invoice creation. Through this style bazaar was able to create a stronger alliance with its vendors.

Style bazaar was able to track its purchase order in real time. They were notified when their orders were pending for inspection, ASN approval, invoice approval, gate entry received etc. This all took place without any indulgence of personnel.

Style bazaar was also able to generate all kinds of reports in real-time. it means that whenever they wanted to find any pending ASNs, they just had to click to search and download the list. That being said, they also have access to complex reports like ledger, outstanding, sales, stocks, orders, inspections, shipments, logistics, and more.

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