Why is it Necessary to Modernize Supply Chain in the Fashion Industry?

We’re all a part of the trends followed in the fashion industry. But do we know what goes behind the scenes of us finding our most-desired clothes, accessories, etc? It’s all a big show, from sourcing to manufacturing, production, marketing, operations, distribution, finance, and customer service. It sounds simple but it definitely isn’t. Not unless companies modernize with time.
modernize supply chain in fashion industry

From the numerous challenges faced by the fashion industry, supply chain management accounts as one of the biggest issues. This is why today we’re particularly discussing why modernizing the supply chain in the fashion industry is so important. It not only focuses on helping companies through their production, marketing, operations, distribution, finance, and customer service but also helps them in responding quickly to the constantly-evolving market trends.

Why modernize supply chain in the fashion industry?
Talking about modernization, the first words that come to our mind include platform integration, process automation, and AI-powered demand forecasting. That’s because these are the key factors that help an organization’s supply chain in successfully carrying out a 360° technological transformation. With a world focused on customers and data, modern supply chains are designed in a manner that suits the need for agile communication with overseas suppliers and the growing consumer demand for product personalization, etc.

Modern supply chains bring together all data from operations, financials, procurement, order processing, customers, store and staff performance, vendors, and logistics in a single space so you don’t have to consult for critical queries. Each task triggers the next one automatically. Thus, preventing manual rekeying of information across multiple systems and reducing processing delays. In case of tasks that require approval, the flow continues to run smoothly with automated alerts. This eventually also benefits you in maintaining a detailed history of each automatic and manual action that takes place during the supply chain process, giving you precise visibility to pinpoint and address errors in time.

In short, a modern, apparel-specific supply chain management solution like Supplymint can automate most order fulfillment tasks and can help you in monitoring your product and order information. With the visibility that you get from a modern supply chain, you can also reduce any number of shipping errors.

Automation and Analytics
Automation with Analytics is bliss. Modernized supply chain solutions provide you both. Having advanced analytics helps you understand data in a way that helps you in aiming at improving your operational strategies. It uses ML to generate accurate demand forecasts, which then leads to lower costs and faster time to market. These analytics also help you map out your buyer’s journey and ensures that your supply chain operations are closely aligned with it.

Warehouse automation is another term we’ve heard often. It basically simplifies order processing, allows your employees to invest their time and energy in higher-value business activities, and ultimately results in reducing any order fulfillment delays.

At Supplymint, we partner you with a technology that offers:
– Inventory optimization solutions.
– Automation tools to keep you away from repetitive manual tasks.
– Mobile apps for productivity and brand engagement.
– Seamless communication solutions that simplify ordering, invoicing, and document exchanges.

Conclusion: Today, fashion moves quickly. This is because the fashion industry facilitates trend introduction, spread, and demand fulfillment at a frantic rate. This is what puts fast fashion sourcing in a risky place. But fortunately, technology has made it possible for most organizations to create and collaborate apparel supply chains to meet consumer demands. The catch here is that it is digital, diverse, transparent, predictive, and partnered, all of which make the modernization of the supply chain in the fashion industry more reliable.

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