Digital Culture to Drive Digital Transformation: The 5 Keys to Unlock your Cloud Journey

digital culture for digital transformation
Digital Transformation is changing the way we do everything, every day. It is changing the way we live our lives, from buying groceries, to watching TV, reading books, and whatnot. Who imagined that we’d be ordering groceries online? But in the tough times of COVID-19, it was the digital transformation that survived and we’re all a part of making it survive.

Clearly, digital transformation is positively impacting our lives and is here to stay. But, with all the things clearly stated out there, one question still remains questionable. How does an organization drive its digital transformation in a time where everyone is on the lookout, to begin with their cloud journey?

The 5 Keys to Unlock your Cloud Journey
Cloud computing is a powerful tool that empowers all business models. A fact is that companies today, are using digital technologies to unlock their economic value and this is why the companies that inculcate using the cloud, benefit as a whole. But a major factor that is ignored here is that it takes much more for a company to make its cloud journey possible than just technology. An important part of digital transformation is the digital culture in which you choose to innovate and reinvent.

So, to begin or transition through your cloud journey, here are the 5 keys of digital culture that will help you:

Leadership will to constantly innovate and reinvent
Find the leadership will to innovate and reinvent constantly. This is what makes an organization everlasting, competitive, and prepared for the tough times. Remember, nothing will come your way with a single innovation. You will always need to bring attention to your existing concepts & products and reinvent them for a better user experience because that is what gives you the edge over the others.

Acknowledge conviction
Most often than not, convictions turn out to bring better user experiences. If you have it in mind that the future will bring change and that you’ve got to take action by bringing innovation, your conviction is absolutely right. Since change is inevitable, your organization has to innovate by acknowledging conviction because all convictions are possibilities for better innovation.

Hungry talent to invent
Innovations and reinvention only happen when you have curious builders who want to learn and are excited about innovating. Data is the most crucial asset to organizations. That is why you need the right people working on it. It is the people that look out for growth that will find the right ways to enable process improvements, event forecast and predictions, and value creation to your organization. So, choose the right talent.

A major requirement for constant innovation is having people that are focused on solving your product problems. While you’re going to find lots of people that look out for competitors, you need a group of people that are product-focused and pay attention to your existing concepts and products.

The power to stand out always lies in the speed of innovation. It is something that matters disproportionally at every stage of business in every company. But, the task for most organizations lies in overcoming the complexities, along with speed.

A study by Forbes also said that 84% of the Digital Transformation initiatives fail. And although there are many reasons for that, one of the most important reasons is tied to the way businesses operate. So, we’ve presented you with the perfect reasons for how your organization must operate. Digital culture is what you need for digital transformation.

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