This phase is the most critical phase as major decisions are taken in this phase, which sets the direction for the rest of the phases. The initial process is evaluating the business needs and the potential benefits that can be expected in moving to cloud.


Assessing the Cloud readiness is the next key aspect in migration as this will help in unearthing the risks and challenges in execution. As part of the cloud readiness the chosen application’s architecture is reviewed for cloud suitability.


Based on the migration plan this phase could happen in an iterative manner. As a first step, cloud setup is done based on the finalized cloud architecture. The network, security, storage and other base architecture level setup will be executed first.


This phase focuses on setting up the manageability aspects of the cloud environment. It is important to insure that everything is going in a right manner with very minimal manual intervention.Automation will be done in the areas of auto scaling, configuration, back-up, DR and deployment.