Turning Cloud launches Cloud Application Framework

Turning Cloud launches Cloud Application Framework

TurningCloud App Foundation

TurningCloud App Foundation is an application development platform for building cloud-based business applications. The foundation platform allows you to create new applications or to migrate your existing applications to the cloud. These applications can be stand alone or be integrated as part of a larger offering.

Designers and developers only need to focus on functional requirements of their application; the rest of the magic is taken care of by the platform. It provides an easy interface where designers can build applications by simply identifying objects and defining their relationships with views using JSON. That’s it! The application is ready to be used!

Key Benefits

Built-in functionality: Built-in functions such as multi-tenancy, security, reporting, and user management save you time so you can rapidly convert your expertise into software programs that run on Cloud technology.

Improve reach with on-premise or SaaS deployments: Applications developed on the TurningCloud platform can be deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS) thus moving the high CAPEX in on-premise applications to a Cloud environment.
Scale your applications up and out: Applications inherit multi-tenancy support so they can be centrally managed and upgraded. High application density allows your applications to scale horizontally.
Built-in security: Cloud security is managed by the platform. Features such as server side logic, detailed access controls and robust authentication are automatically available to your application.

Flexible licensing: You can license the TurningCloud platform according to your business needs.

Leverage existing development skills: You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to learn and start development on TurningCloud. All you need is good design sense and basic understanding of defining JSON.
Browser compatibility: Your applications are delivered via a presentation layer that includes support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. This allows you to concentrate on business logic without worrying about browser compatibility.

Built-in performance: TurningCloud Foundation Studio has a complex presentation engine that minimizes network traffic by caching static data classes and common elements. This allows your applications to run efficiently over unreliable Internet connections.