Our Story


A group of enthusiastic people in 2012, started their journey with a desire  to spread the importance of cloud computing  in this globalized world. Three years time may be not enough to judge any  organization’s credibility, but within these three years we have developed a circle of satisfied customers across the world.

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination”

We have started with 20 people and gradually manpower increased to more than 75 people in these three years.Our employees may be they are not the best brains of this planet, but they are hard working and fast learner. In this three years we developed our self into a trusted reseller of Google. We generally market Google applications for education and office work.

Since our founding,we have  created an application Edupro App which prove highly beneficial both for school students and college students. In these three years we able to established our self  a trusted marketing partner of Google.