Turning Cloud is an employee centric organization. As an employer, we offer a wide range of flexible and “family – friendly” employment initiatives and working arrangement, by which employees can easily balance their personal life and professional life.

Benefits that we provide to our team members:

  • Getting away from the daily grind gives team members the chance to unwind and discover more about one another.
  • Flexibility in working hours (subject to customer and service delivery needs).
  • Special leaves for observance of religious festival and Job share policy.
  • Employee counselling services.
  • Have regular movie nights, including refreshments.
  • Retain a coffee service to provide free — and tasty — coffee to your employees.
  • Provide meal and other beverages to the employees.
  • Friendly environment for help peoples to overcome their fears.

We committed to groom actively personal and professional development of each staff, spend couple time with them talking and eating. It creates that special feeling similar to gathering with your extended family on Thanksgiving.

We believe that a team that acts like a family tends to have better communication, enhanced trust and appreciation for one another and increased productivity.